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Helping companies collaborate


This website has been set up to try and help companies, organisations, charities, community groups and individuals across East Sussex during this unprecedented period of disruption to our normal working lives. That normality has been turned upside down. Trade for many businesses has stopped, resulting in a complete loss of income. For others, trade has increased unexpectedly, and new staff a required quickly. Some have excess stock that is in danger of being wasted if it is not distributed soon. Other have products growing but no one to pick or harvest it. The idea behind this website is that there are things we can do to help one another.

A whole range of companies and organisations have posted challenges or problems they have, some are just promoting what they do. Others are posting offers of help.

You can offer your help, whether that is your time, knowledge, skills or resources. You can also post up details of challenges you would like help with. Use the form above to submit your details. It will need to be approved before it goes live, but that should happen within a few hours. Because we wanted to make it really quick and easy for you to add details about your company, there is no login or password required. But that does mean entries you make can not be edited.  We will work out the best way to keep the details updated in the coming weeks, but if you want to change something, for now the best way is to create a new entry, and submit that.

Please include one or two photos to make the entry more interesting to look at. It can be of yourself or your logo, your building, where you are based, your products, or whatever you like.

You are also invited to be part of the conversation of how we can help one another during this crisis. You can see short snippets, extracts, from this conversation above. There is a whole lot more to this conversation than you can see on this page. It  includes a range of resources and topics that we think will be useful to companies in East Sussex during this challenging period. We’ve set this conversation up using a platform called Slack. It is organised in to channels for different topics. You can ask questions, and see the comments and answers from others. It is a great way to find answers to any question you have. The first time you use it you will be asked to create a Slack account, but it is quick and free.


Business East Sussex provides free and impartial government funded business support across the county of East Sussex. There is a wealth of support and finance options available to help your business, and the specialist team at Business East Sussex can help you identify your business needs and find relevant programmes or funding schemes.

During the current Covid-19 period the team at Business East Sussex can help businesses navigate through the range of emergency measures announced by Government, and help you find what you may be eligible for. The team can also help with supporting businesses to remain resilient through these challenging times, and by providing support on many areas including cash-flow planning, advice on how to find finance, support with diversifying your business, and accessing support to grow. 

Call Business East Sussex now on 01273 335878 to speak to an adviser, or email at to book an appointment. For information on local national business support, on upcoming events and webinars, and on the Business East Sussex service, please visit the Business East Sussex website

Business East Sussex is run by East Sussex County Council with funding from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy and the County Council.